What We Value

We value person-centered care, focusing first on each individual’s unique personality and how they wish to live each day.

We value elders, families, and staff, as integral team members working together to create a fulfilling and meaningful life for all.

We value self-led teams, who decide among themselves the most appropriate individual and team responses to the needs and desires of elders.

We value “home,” as relating to each individual heart’s desire, and strive to enable the choices and quality of life elders enjoyed in their own homes. Each elder is respected as an individual and shares in decision-making.

We value community, where members live, work and socialize; where they are actively engaged and determine for themselves how to give and receive within their friendships, household, neighborhood, city, state, and country.

We value growth, in training (skills) and education (knowledge), as both means and end. By deeply investing in staff, resident, and family growth, we further a sense of community, enhance possibilities of individual fulfillment, and set implicit standards that guide our behavior as an organization.

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Binghamton, New York 13904