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Rehab & Wellness

Restore Your Lifestyle

When recuperation requires rehabilitation, many older adults prefer a setting tailored to their individual preferences and needs; flexible schedules, comfortable accommodations, and meals that are appetizing as well as nutritious.

At Good Shepherd Rehab & Wellness we offer our rehabilitation clients the individual attention and comfort they seek – a newly renovated, dedicated facility with large, comfortably furnished private rooms; flexible menus and open meal periods; and therapy programs designed to help clients achieve their rehabilitation goals and return home as quickly as possible.

Integrated Approach

Our experienced rehabilitation team offers a fresh, holistic approach to your care featuring over 100 years of combined clinical expertise. Our integrative approach works with you, your physician, and your family to create an individualized program encouraging you to reach your highest level of independence.

Before Your Scheduled Hospital Stay

Our staff is happy to arrange for an in-home assessment of your physical needs, prior to your rehabilitation stay. Should you wish, we can also review your insurance coverage.

Physical Therapy

Our unique Keiser and NuStep strength and cardiovascular training equipment offer physical therapy sessions that are quieter and gentler. Our program includes the Bioness L300, state-of-the-art, electrical stimulation technology that helps regain mobility and recapture independence.

Occupational Therapy

Within our Life Skills Training Room, occupational therapy sessions concentrate on regaining fine motor skills. A strong focus is provided for those needing to restore the activities of daily living as transition is made to home.

Speech-Language Therapy

Using communication programs and adaptive devices, speech-language therapy sessions focus on regaining functional abilities to share thoughts, ideas, and wishes. These sessions can also concentrate on regaining functional swallowing abilities, modifying food consistencies, and utilizing adaptive devices and techniques to maximize swallowing function.

Maintaining Your Lifestyle

We help you return to daily activities after your rehab with an on-site assessment of your home. Conducted during your rehab stay, we search for any obstacles that may prevent your continued improvement in maintaining day-to-day activities.

Out-Patient Therapies

Out-patient therapy services are also available at Good Shepherd Fairview Home. For more information, click here.


Good Shepherd is proud to offer the benefits of LSVT BIG ® and LSVT Loud ® therapy treatment for our clients with Parkinson disease and other neurological disorders.

Developed specifically to address the unique movement impairments for people with Parkinson disease our Certified LSVT BIG and LSCT LOUD therapists focus on the core movements and speech issues that are used in daily living.

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